I kept and bred Setters '63 - '82 . I bred several winning dogs and one of
star quality, born 1972. His name was LP Golden Leaf's Guiness and he won 16
CACIBs, more than 20 BOBs and was Gundog of the Year, possibly in 1975. Two of
them were also Obediance Champions. The Golden Leaf's Kennel originated in '71.

     Forty years ago I met and got to know my first Papillons. While exercising
my Irish Setters I often ran into Mrs Ros of the Pierosa Kennel. We became friends
and this gave me the best possible tutoring since she was the topbreeder of Papillons
at this time.

     In '82 the first Papillon of my own moved in. "Loppan" was more of a hound
than she was a toy. She was interested in all wildlife! She was once gone three
hours chasing a couple of moose and extremely happy when she, covered in mud,
returned. When she was ten months she went too far with a deer and was killed by
a car.

     After a while I bought another female Papillon, she was not as hot a hunter,
and she gave me three litters, the first born in December 1985. Her son,Ch Golden
Leaf's Isaac and her grandson IntCh SW-91 Golden Leaf's Limerick got their
Championtitles the same weekend,in August 1989, and were the first PapillonChampions
of the Golden Leaf's Prefix.
Left: Lena with GL Guinness and GL Vision - Right: My husband, Svante,with his special darling GL Pepsi.
     For ten years I was editor of "Papillon-Posten" the breedclub-magazine.
Almost as long I was a member of the breedclub-board, for two years as chairman.

     For about five years I was editor of "SSD-Bladet" which is a magazine for SSD - a club of many
breeds including Toy Dogs and head organization for their Breed Clubs, I was also editor of "BassetBladet" for
some years.

     I've also worked as a ringsteward for many years, mostly in English sometimes in French, which I find
interesting, educational -and fun!.

     In 1997 I judged, in June - Gundogs, Toys, Hounds etc - for Söderhamns KennelClub and in August the
Jubilee Breed Special (75 Papillon and Phaléne) in Lahtis, Finland. I've also judged All-Breed-Shows in
Stockholm and in Rättvik.
     All were unofficial shows, I'm not qualified to give CC's.
Golden Leaf's Jackpot, my last setter & Int Ch Golden Leaf's Popeye