They are Toy Spaniels, most of them weigh 2,5 - 4 kilos. For their size they have an
amazing capacity. Many Papillons have beaten Alsatians, Rottweilers etc. in working trials.

The very first Obediance Champion in Sweden was a Papillon.
The second first Agility Champion in Sweden was a Papillon.
The smallest rescue dogs in the world are Papillons. (See Guinness Book of Records).
The smallest guide dogs (for the blind and for the deaf) in the World are Papillons.

There are also champions, tracking wounded wildlife.

Although their excellance in work, they can also be well content in Your own backyard,
where they invent games of their own to pass the time. Such easygoing and adaptable dogs!

A Papillon doesn't know that he is small, he is often the boss of the household's larger dogs.
He never gains this position by fighting, naturally, but by using his brains.

If You want a small, easily kept, but very capable dog, try a Papillon and You are hooked for life!