My sons Simon, now 19(!), with GL Popeye and Emil, now 22(!) with
GL Ufo, Urbino & Rock'n Roll
            All my Papillons, except for small puppies, are kept as family members. They are   
given off the leash walks weekly, nowadays they also play in the garden whenever they want.

        Weekly I check their teeth, nails and coats. The coats are of excellent texture which
      means that they rarely need bathing or combing. I keep close check of the lower fringing and
      the coats free of seeds, that's about it. They get a bath when needed, otherwise the day    
before a show. Then, of course, each dog is thoroughly cared for according to it's own      
individual needs.

        Indoors, when I work, the dogs sleep wherever they want. In the evening, while     
watching TV, they all want a cuddle and hug. Young ones usually want to play and show off
      their toys.