Most breeders, naturally, aim for "the perfect Papillon", that is as close as
You can get!
     Your ambition and the way You assess and blend Your breeding stock makes
the difference. Many breeders use shortcuts like continuous inbreeding or neglection of
known eye- or kneestatus. Nowadays it's easy to check these things, SKK now has a
site where You can check out most things.
     We also have different ways of interpreting the breed standard and what is
most essential for a good Papillon.

     My basics are temperament, health and anatomy in that order. Of course I also
wish for all the rest, a lovely head & expression, good fringing & coat, a correct tail
carriage etc. I prefer a Papillon with few markings on the body and an even blaze but
colour and markings come last on my list.

     I love a Swedish style dog with plenty of fringing and coat but I don't like
excesses in this area. You're not supposed to use a scissor to maintain the elegance
of the breed. The coat texture is also important, a papillon coat should be easy to
care for.

     Some people claim that in Popeye I've already reached my goal but Popeye,
with all his lovely temperament and closeness to the breed standard, is still only one
dog. I've bred quite a few near his quality. The day I can expect almost every dog
born in the kennel to, with the proper care, develop as nicely as these, I'm close to
my goal.
More of Popeye and his relatives You'll find under Dogs.