You are welcome to E-mail
or phone to:
Mrs Lena Hellborg
Tynningövägen 108
S-185 92 VAXHOLM

Phone: 8 541 39540 or 070/416 3333
The information I'd like to have from a possible buyer is:
- How do You keep Your dogs?
- Male or female?
- Color and/or other preferences?
- Would You prefer a puppy, a young dog or a Champion?
- How many dogs do You have and of what breeds?
- What are the origin, looks etc. of Your previous
- Main purpose of newcomer (showing, breeding etc)?
- Main details You need to improve?
            If You are interested in purchasing a Golden Leaf's Papillon, please send me an    
     e-mail or give me a call! Since I only have an average of two litters a year and naturally   
     want all dogs going abroad to be of a very high quality it could take some time before a     
     suitable puppy is available, especially females are often hard to come by.

           I wish to believe that each dog and owner are well matched and therefore I don't    
     strictly follow any list in order of appearance.